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January 12, 2006
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Ninja by SanniRii Ninja by SanniRii
Yay! My first ever deviaton and at the same time very first entry in Seventh Sancum's generator based art contest! :D

So here is the description straight from Super Ninja (male) generator:
This unjust ninja has a graceful build. He has a weak chin. His slitted eyes are brown. He has white hair worn in a straightforward style. His outfits are usually burgandy and include a pair of elbow-length gloves. He uses a complex form of martial arts that emphasizes dodging one's opponent. His preferred weapon is a whip. He is skilled in dancing, conversation, and disarming traps. He can teleport.

He's hanging outside of the famous The Dancing Nymph ball room wich located somewhere in backstreets of Slak'Man :)

Background found at SXC by DinosG. Great place to find free stock photos.
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I think the only reason the face looks a little off is because his eyes reach all the way to the side of his face. There should be a gap of one eye length from the side of his face before the left eye, then the left eye, then one eyes gap for the nose, then the right eye, then another eyes gap before the right hand side of his face.

Aside from that minor detail, this is one awesome pic. The shading on the clothes is very VERY well done.
SanniRii Sep 24, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eyes has always been THE most difficult thing for me to draw correctly (and hands too...)
And now with the contest done, I can make comments!

The Good:
Interesting atmoshperics and working in subtle elements.
A sense of story is here. I like that.
Good take on the uniform.

The Bad:
Face seems a bit off. The hair doesn't quite seem to fit the description.
Well, I'm flattered my contest got you posting!

I've put this gentleman up at the contest, so he can go head-to-head with his competition!
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