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February 22, 2010
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Honey : Detonator by SanniRii Honey : Detonator by SanniRii
Entry for contest held at Seventh Sanctum [link]
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Some info
Release date has been somewhere in the beginning of 1990's. Honey : Detonator tells a story of Raikan Hachimitsu's daredevil life as normal schoolgirl and member of international top secred bomb squad. Focus group was intented to be teen girls telling them that it is cool to be be both beatiful and smart. But something went awry in Honey's character desing and now her dangerous and exiting life is wathed by only male audience.

These promotional paper doll sets were send to members of Heaven Sagas subscribers and sold as limited editions in comic stores. It presented all of the main characters and some minor ones of the serie.

It was also another failed attempt to get girls interested in serie because it was more than likely that their brothers or even fathers were playing with these dolls.

Who has said that life of school girl is easy? Honey studies in Gneiss University in NovoPrime 17 to become xenogeologist. She works hard to get good grades, plays in school's tennis team Blue Ozone and works volunteraly in weekends at local senior center. But some days there is no time for school or work. There is time only to defuse that A-bomb that could blast NovoPrime back to stone age.
Honey is part of international Bomb Squad, Explosive Astro Task Force Cold Five. Their main goal is to protect NovoPrime and surrounding colonies from evil alien organization of Perfected Nation whose goal is to rid space of humans.

It all started as seemingfully peacefull day at local HyperMart where Honey and her friends were shopping for some tennis equiment. Honey was looking for discount shirts at corner of the store as she saw something blinking behind half closed door. She is very curious and for that she opened the door a little bit only to discover big bomb in the centre of the room. Bomb's timer was counting down at rapid speed as she stood staring at it petrified. Somebody pushed her off the way and Honey saw black haired young man starting to open bomb's front panel revealing mess of different colored wires. At then she didn't know that she was actually wathing team leader Seishin Tenshi of Explosive Astro Task Force Cold Five or EATFC5 working with delicate bomb made by PN. Through dangerous situations and plot twisting turns Honey ends ud working with EATFC5 to protect humankind.

As story advances it turns slowly to love triangle drama between Honey, Tenshi and Perfected Nation leader The Tenth Warped Thinker That Understands the Wanderer (or Xamurn between friends). Something is not right with EATFC5 and even truth seems to be something totally different.


Phew, this one seemed like eternity to do. But it is finally done. Yay!
dubbercat001 Apr 9, 2010
I want to take part in the contest but when does it end? Nice work BTW. Honey is scarily thin though.
SanniRii Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As said at :icondragonscholar:site
This contest runs from February 2, 2010 to Midnight, EST, April 15th, 2010 [link]
so you have some days left to finish your entry and send link to him :)
dubbercat001 Apr 10, 2010
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